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Digital HQ

Engine / Operating System for Smart Buildings


AI Parking management

Digital Access

AI-driven building management


App-based interactions

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All in one software solution

An all-in-one solution for workplace & meeting & parking access, booking and management, light control, personalized HVAC control, CO2 monitoring and on-demand climate adjustments on building level, AI powered preventive maintenance, holistic AI powered energy saving, audited secure network and secure internet with software defined networking, custom digital signage, driverless printing, catering, deliveries, storage, etc.

full-integrated system with more advanced functionality, for less the combined cost of separate systems, excluding integration cost between systems.

The leading platform, addressing all Real Estate needs, integrated, flexible, profitable.

single solution, without required integration of multiple incompatible solutions.

Automating processes and increasing building energy efficiency and enabling remote building management, increasing tenant satisfaction & lock-in.

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Secure by design

Security assessment by Nviso Audited based on OWASP ASVS Level 2

Providing advanced security and safety options.Understand your building through insights, manage easily through technology, …

Up to 50% more revenue with HQ flexible billing model (per hour, per day, per month) based on usage, as seamless as possible. Up to 400 €/ m² / year optimization in operating costs of a building

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Top notch smart devices. Great integration with various systems. Imbedded throughout the skies!

HQedge for vending machines

HQedge for vending machines

Control vending machine's with the mobile app, without even touching the machine once.

A plug-and-play device that works with the main soda and coffee brands.

HQedge Kiosk

Full digital reception, servicing visitor and daily users.

This device is in direct connection with the mobile app, displays, cloud server and the parking system.

It has a 3D scanner for parking tickets and QR codes. Keep you building save, while still providing top service.

HQedge Kiosk

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DigitalHQ is an A.I. layer on top of any new or existing building. Super easy. Interested? Schedule a demo

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